UNSC (United Nations Security Council)


  UNSC (United Nations Security Council) is a group of countries in the United Nations that works to keep world peace. They make decisions on actions that could threaten global safety. It is important for the Security Council to create successful resolutions with clear and long-lasting consequences. In HaydarpaşaMUN’24, delegates are expected to discuss the situation of the Nigerian Civil War, as well as its implications for international peace and security. It was a civil war that took place between 6 July 1967 and 15 January 1970. This conflict between the two main parties originated from political, ethnic and economic reasons between the Nigerian government and the Biafra region. The war had caused a lot of hardship, with fighting and challenges for people on both sides. As a result of the war; Biafra rejoined Nigeria, leaving a lasting impact on the country’s history. In this committee, the house will be seeking to take action to investigate the causes of the war, manage to keep the order throughout the war and come to a conclusion immediately and effectively. For the second agenda item, the delegates will be discussing the Rhodesian Bush War and the situation in Rhodesia in the 1960s. The Rhodesian Bush War took place in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) from the 1960s to 1979. It was a conflict over who should govern the country. Some people in Rhodesia, led by white minority rulers, wanted to keep control, while others, mostly black nationalists, sought majority rule. The war involved guerrilla fighting in the bush, with various groups, such as the ZANLA (Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army) and the ZIPRA (Zimbabwe African People's Union), opposing the government. Eventually, negotiations led to the establishment of an independent Zimbabwe in 1980, ending white minority rule and marking the conclusion of the Rhodesian Bush War. In the house, the UNSC members will find some effective solutions for maintaining the peace in the region.

Agenda Item 1:  Nigerian Civil War

Agenda Item 2:  Rhodesian Bush War