UNEP(The United Nations Environment Programme)


  The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has been working efficiently in order to achieve global milestones about biodiversity, transition low-carbon, resource-efficient economies, strengthening environmental governance and law, safeguarding ecosystems and providing evidence-based data to inform policy decisions since 1972. It has been collaborating with the governments, civil societies, NGOs and the other United Nations entities. At this annual session of HaydarpaşaMUN, delegates will be tasked for biodiversity conservation in urban environments at the first agenda. They will talk about the variety of all life forms, the diversity of species, genetic species and the variety of ecosystems in urban environments. The delegates will debate upon the precautions that have been taken and the possible precautions in order to protect these ecosystems and biological systems. Secondly, the delegates will have a discussion about combating illegal wildlife trade and trafficking. The illegal wildlife trade has emerged as a growing and urgent environmental issue which includes governments, law enforcement agencies, non-governmental organizations, the public and the ecosystems. It causes the extinction of species of wildlife. So, the delegates will debate this issue in the committee and they will find effective solutions for decreasing the negative effects of combating illegal wildlife trade and trafficking.

Agenda Item 1:  Biodiversity Conservation in Urban Environments

Agenda Item 2:  Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade and Trafficking