The third committee of the General Assembly, which is the committee that discusses Social, Cultural and Humanitarian issues was established in 1946 as a part of the United Nations Organization. This committee mainly focuses on a wide range of topics revolving around humanitarian, social and culturel problems which effects our lives. This committee discusses international community and unconcealed human rights problems happening around the world related to the promotion of fundamental freedoms, the racial discrimination which is the main problem of the world nowadays, equality among people and a lot more. The first topic of this committee is about the socio-economic disparities and hardness which has came out in advance of the life statues and geographical factors and the effects of these disparities on reaching Mental Health Services which are for people in need. The second topic of this committee is about the Requirements of Internally Displaced Persons ,which occured after some inside country problems, wars and economical crisis, and applicating process about the precautions in order to protect these persons from negative effects. The delegates of HaydarpaṣaMUN’24 will be discussing to solve these issues and bringing some mostly wanted permanent solutions based on humanity rights and equality in socio-cultural life.

Agenda Item 1:  Socio-economic Disparities in the Accessibility of Mental Health Services

Agenda Item 2:  Implementing International Measures to Adress the Requirements of Internally Displaced Person