East India Trade Company


  The East India Company, a company that was the largest corporation in the world in most aspects which had its own armed forces and ruled large areas of India. From humble beginnings to controlling the fate of continents, the Company's story is filled with ambition and bloodshed in distant shores. The company was a stock company which was set up in 1600. The company’s trades included the goods of cotton, silk, indigo dye, sugar, salt, tea, opium, etc. It was an English company at first, but then it became British. The company was in the Indian Ocean region, and captured a big part of the Indian subcontinent and the colonies parts of Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. During the 1700-1800s, the company reached its peak and held the trade of half of the world. It also promoted the start of the British Empire in India. In 1757, after the Battle of Plassey, the company came to the rule and became the power efficiently by exercising military power and assuming administrative functions. And after the Indian Rebellion, the British Crown got the control in the new form of the new British Raj with the Government of India Act 1858. At the seventh annual session of Haydarpaşa MUN, the delegates will rewrite the history of the East India Trade Company and decide the fate of the British Empire in India. Now let's sail away to where fortunes were made and where a cup of tea held the power to rewrite the world.

  Agenda : Open Agenda