British House of Commons


  House of Commons is democratically elected house of UK Government officially established on 1 January 1801.The HC consists of two sides as Government and MP. It has a wide range of roles such as providing alternative perspectives to policies, debating ideas, passing the laws, and for the MPs questioning and scrutinizing the government’s actions. In this year’s HaydarpasaMun, the delegates will be expected to discuss two Agenda Items. First Agenda Item is the Reform Acts of 1850. These Reform Acts include specific legislations aiming to expand the voting rights step by step to the lower classes and disadvantageous groups. Thus, these improvements caused serious and comprehensive changes in British democracy which ultimately turned to be one of the most developed democracies in the world. The Second Agenda Item is about the Opium War between Britain and China. China’s opium import prohibition, which played a crucial role in the British economy, caused a conflict among the countries. Despite British threats against Chinese dissenting actions, the Chinese Government ignored and continued to maintain its prohibition. Therefore, British relations with China may become more problematic or maybe a cease fire will be made? It's up to you delegates. In this annual session ,we are looking forward to seeing the delegates to debate and elaborate on these topics wisely.

Agenda Item 1:  Reform Acts of 1850

Agenda Item 2:  The Opium War and British Relations with China