FAO (The Food and Agriculture Organization)


  The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is an agency of the United Nations. This committee usually works in MUN conferences on agricultural activities, food security and sustainable agriculture. This committee addresses emerging issues in global agriculture and food and proposes solutions. A session in the FAO Committee; delegates express an opinion on a specific issue and try to find a solution by using their diplomatic skills. Delegates represent a particular country and defend their country’s policy and strategy. The main aim of the FAO Committee is to improve some policy proposals for a sustainable future by creating solutions to food and agriculture problems around the world. For our first agenda item; delegates will discuss which approaches can they use for addressing food insecurity. And discuss how these approaches can be realized. For our second agenda item; delegates will discuss ways to increase access to nutritious food. Additionally they will find out what changes can be made in agricultural activities.

Agenda Item 1:  Developing Comprehensive Global Approaches to Address Food Insecurity

Agenda Item 2:  Sustaining Agricultural Activities and Enhancing the Access to Nutritious Food