Cabinet of Qin Shi Huang


  The sun has set in the east. O Jade Emperor, save us from the wrath of the Huns! Forgive us our sins. Now, what lies ahead? Is the Qin Dynasty doomed to perish for its sins? And this land? A land that has witnessed countless victories and massacres since the dawn of time, will it be buried in the bloody pages of history, along with the souls of those who died in it? It is quite uncertain, even for Qin Shi Huang. At this cabinet, the delegates will step back 2.250 years, to 220 BC for a long series of ancient wars that leftmark in history between the Qin Dynasty and Xiongnu Dynasty, also known as Huns.The rivalry between these two dynasties dates back to the early 3rd century BC. Both sides fought to have the upper hand in terms of geopolitical position. After struggling to protect his territory, Emperor Qin Shi Huang ordered the construction of the Great Wall. When it was finished, everyone was sure about a fact: No one could break through this wall. Wait a minute, seriously, could someone break through the Great Wall?

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