28-31 January 2019

Haydarpaşa International MUN 2019

Welcome Letters

Most esteemed participants, distinguished guests;

I'm highly excited and pleased to welcome you all at third annual session of Haydarpaşa Model United Nations conference which will be held on 28-29-30-31 of January at Haydarpaşa High School.

Haydarpaşa High School has been established by great leader of Turks Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. We as the youth he pinned his hopes on, are walking on the path that he wanted us to. We always keep being hardworking to reach the best. We as Haydarpaşa High School MUN Club organized our first conference on 2017. From that conference on, we have put our extra efforts on getting better and better. With our skilled and experienced academic and organization teams, we have been working hard to serve you the perfect conference.

Economics is the most significant thing that proves one state to be powerful. While the market has been dominated by several states, some states having difficulty to hang on, some of them having destructive economical crisis, while some of them having staggering ones. Economic and social council's participants will be having these cases entertained, and also they will be practicing development cooperation with middle income countries. I hope that they will be successful with their debates and writing processes.

In HaydarpaşaMUN Conferences, International Court of Justice will be entertained for first time in this session, and we are experiencing it's excitement. In that procedure, one state applies to the court with a case, and with attendance of respondent party, case will be entertained. There will be two advocates for each party, and fifteen unbiased judges. I hereby invite you for this exciting and entertaining, also academically perfect committee. I'm sure that attendants of this court will be having such a conference on all hands.

For our mostly experienced participants, Suez Crisis is one of the committees stands. There will be two cabinets, and attendants will be writing directives and having debates upon the goal of winning the second Arab-Israeli war.

From the very first year, we have been inviting you with our theme ´One world, one race`, and also this year, this call still works. This year, we will be hosting for participants from different countries, but here, we are only classified as the youth, and we are the ones who will shape the future.

I'm looking forward and very eager to meet each one of you, and serving you in the best way I can. I'm putting my all efforts on providing you the perfect conference.

With my best wishes and kindest regards

Harun Özcan
Secretary - General

Most Esteemed Participants;

It is my honor to welcome you all to the third annual session of Haydarpaşa International Model United Nations.

With the help of years that through with organizing MUN conferences, we are getting more experienced every year. That's why, this session is going to be different than the others. This year, we worked so hard to make the conference international. And we believe that we did our best.

I would like to thank all members of our team for their great efforts. You can be sure that our conference is going to be an unforgettable experience for all participants.

After "United Nations" has been established in 1945, first Model United Nations conference was held at St. Lawrence University in 1949. In this conference, students from variety of schools that present different countries as delegates, worked together to solve any kind of problems in the World.

And then, the number of Model United Nations conferences increased and spread all over the world.

As HaydarpaşaMUN family, we will do our best to provide delegates the proper atmosphere to solve Worldwide issues that cause damage in any way.

You can be sure of that our committees and our Midnight Crisis will process successfully.

As the Director General of HaydarpaşaMUN'19, I want to thank every each person in our team again, for working hard together to make this conference more amazing than any others. With their efforts, you can be sure that our committees, social event and any kind of activities will process successfully.

With my kindest regards.

Tutku Öztürk
Director - General