Historical Advisory


  Advisory Panel is a consultative and neutral body, which seeks to make recommendations on how to solve a specific issue or how to improve the solutions which have already been implemented and provide detailed guidance to a corporation or an organization from an unbiased perspective . Since the Panel is an advisory organ, it is non-binding and it has no authority to force an action or impose penalties. The Panel consists of experts of countries’ stance and involvement in the issue from various countries or organizations, who are unbiased and innovative. Both the debate and the voting will occur clause by clause and the Panel will require consensus in order to pass a clause. This year in HaydarpaşaMUN’20, the Panel will take us back to 1973’s oil crisis. The crisis began when the members of OPEC (​Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries)​ imposed an embargo on countries which supported Israel during the Yom Kippur War, also known as the Arab-Israeli War. The embargo started against the US in retaliation for the US decision to supply the Israeli military during the war. But soon later, the OPEC members also expended the embargo to other countries that supported Israel such as the Netherlands, Canada, Portugal and the UK. Over the next six months, oil prices quadrupled. Prices remained at higher levels even after the embargo ended. The crisis caused many long and short term effects on global economy and politics, some of which still affect the global economy today. If you’re interested in going back in history and change the destiny, the Advisory Panel is waiting for you...

Agenda Item:  1973 Oil Crisis