Joint Crisis


  Joint Crisis Committees are very different from other traditional MUN committees. They are not official UN bodies and they don’t have a specific format. They also don’t have formal debates over resolutions. The delegates will be debating upon contemporary crisis and taking actions towards them. These committees are very thrilling, each with very interesting and controversial topics either historical, futuristic or fantastic. JCC’s consist of two or more cabinets, each in different rooms trying to defeat one another. Everything that is made within the cabinets stay confidential unless they are not public. These committees don’t require a resolution paper in the end but they always proceed with directives or press releases. JCC’s are probably the hardest committees since they require the delegates to be solution focused and farsighted, they must see the further actions and their consequences and must be ready for them. Therefore, these committees require a lot of responsibility too. On the other hand, what makes these committees so entertaining is that it gives you the opportunity to directly act towards a current action and having a word in history and future. Delegates can go as creative as they want to go since there are no boundaries. You can literally lead an army and change the destiny of the committee. This year in HaydarpaşaMUN’20, JCC will take place between 1639 and 1651. The topic will be “Wars of the Three Kingdoms” which was a series of bloody wars took place in the kingdoms of England, Ireland and Scotland. These years of war have shaped the politics of Great Britain, indirectly the whole Europe. In this year’s JCC, the delegates will have the chance to take place in three kingdoms mentioned above and they will have the chance to reconstruct the history and therefore change today’s statuses. We can assure you that, you’ll have a great crisis experience with the help of our experienced and hardworking crisis team. Advanced delegates who want to change the destiny of Great Britain are more than welcome in JCC in HaydarpaşaMUN’20! If you believe in yourself upon becoming the consultant of this mastermind, changing the history for forever and writing directives which will make your name memorialized now you can make sure that you have found the right committee for you.

Agenda Item:  The Wars of Three Kingdoms