World Trade


  World Trade Organization is an intergovernmental organization which was officially commenced in 1995 in order to regulate international trade between nations. Now with the session which will be held on HaydarpaşaMUN’20; a crucial topic, concerning not only the European Union but the whole world will be discussed. Ever since this topic started being discussed upon in 1970's; European Council, arranged several meetings to talk about it. However in this session we're enlarging the perspective expanding it to whole world. Now we're giving the stage to the World Trade Organization to let them make their points regarding negative and positive effects of Brexit to the international trade. And our second agenda item is the Doha Development Agenda. The political outcome document formed the basis of WTO policies. The Debate and further negotiations covered many areas but reports show that tourism, being most LDC'S main source of income, lacked in mention. In HaydarpaşaMUN'20 WTO will discuss The Importance of Tourism in the implementation of The Doha Development Agenda.

Agenda Item 1:  Brexit Customs and Trade Agreement with the United Kingdom

Agenda Item 2:  The Importance of Tourism in the Doha Development Agenda