United Nations Office for the Coordination of
Humanitarian Affairs


  United Nations Office For The Coordination Of Humanitarian Affairs is one of the best beginner committees for the first timers. OCHA is an office of the United Nations, bringing together human actors to create reliable and objective situational analyzes and to create the most effective innovative humanitarian financing system to ensure global acceptance and centralization of international humanitarian and human rights law. OCHA was established in 1991 as a result of the General Assembly resolution 46/182. In this committee; delegates try to solve issues such as genocides, slavery, abuse or child abuse and try to change the world’s future. In HaydarpaşaMUN delegates will try to solve situation of children in Nauru and Madagascar Humanitarian Emergency. As the academic team, we recommend this committee to every delegate, especially first-timers. So would you like to be the one who will change the world? Do you want to have a voice on world’s future? If your answer is yes, we are so happy to see you at HaydarpaşaMUN. Come and join us!

Agenda Item 1:  Situation of Children in Nauru

Agenda Item 2:  Madagascar Humanitarian Emergency