Welcome Letters

Most esteemed participants and distinguished guests;

        It is my utmost honor to welcome you all to the fourth edition of Haydarpaşa MUN. Our conference shall be held from the 27th of January to 30th of January 2020 at Haydarpaşa High School campus.

        As Haydarpaşa students, we proudly say that our school has been established by the Turks great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Since the establishment of our school, we as the students are trying to climb our school to the top. With organizing HaydarpaşaMUN, we aim to put our best effort and work to reach higher expectations.

        Since the first conference our alumni organized, we are trying to fix what we have done wrong and try to keep doing what we do right. With our amazing academic and organization team, we are hoping to make an incredible conference experience where you will improve yourselves both in social and academic ways also have amazing memories. We hope to combine students from all around the world and create an atmosphere where everyone states their opinion freely and has the chance of meeting all kinds of people.

        Humanitarian emergencies are getting more crucial all around the world each day. We put two of the most important emergencies of the world so that our delegates will have deeper knowledge about the truths happening in two significant countries and try to find effective solutions. Alongside few of the beginner committees which are focusing on some hurtful truths of the world, we have agendas which will try to improve our world from different angles. We aimed to give you the chance of choosing various kinds of topics within our committees.

        As for the committees interesting our more experienced delegates, we have picked Sinai Insurgency to Security Council. Sinai Insurgency is an ongoing problem for many years and we thought that it is time to put an end to this situation. The delegates who are in the Security Council will face all kinds of trouble as they are trying to solve the issue. We traveled a little back through time and put the Cabinet of Alexander the Great where, as commanders, you will help Alexander rise, conquer and rule the world; if you trust your minds truly. At last, our Joint Crisis Committee: Wars of the Three Kingdoms. For some people, it is known as the British Civil Wars and I can assure you that you will work nonstop; regardless of which cabinet you are in. For the first time of HaydarpaşaMUN history, our JCC has three cabinets. We believe that with the most experienced delegates who will choose to be in Wars of the Three Kingdoms, the committee will achieve unbelievable success for changing the history perfectly.

        We have entertained the International Court of Justice for the first time last year, and we will be entertaining ICJ again this year. Different than the other parts of UN committees, in ICJ procedure, there are two opposing sides with two advocates for each side and there are fifteen unbiased judges to decide the faith of the case with the documents presented by each side. This year, no judge will be aware of the case. Only the advocates who will be chosen will be informed before the conference. This way, judges will know the case only from the information which will be presented to them by the advocates.

        Same as the last year, we are inviting students from all over the world to join our conference. We believe that with more culture, more people and more information, we reach the keystone of the United Nations itself. So we thought it would be appropriate to invite you with our unchanging theme since the first year, ‘One world, one race'. The problems of our world will be discussed during our conference and we believe whoever lives in this world has the right to talk and find solutions about them.

        To conclude my words, I would like to thank all of you for your interest in HaydarpaşaMUN'20, on behalf of the Secretariat. We couldn't be more delighted to organize this conference. All of us are hoping to see you in our conference with joy in January.

With my best wishes,

Zeynep Naz Coşkun

Most esteemed participants;

        I’m very proud to finally welcome you all to the fourth annual session of Haydarpaşa International Model United Nations.

        Year by year we are getting more experienced and even more committed to our work. We learn from our mistakes and try to develop our establishment with every single session. This year, with our outstanding academic and organization teams, we pushed our limits to give you the best conference experience where you can both enjoy and improve yourselves at the same time. And you can be sure that we did our best to reach our highest potential by considering our school’s vision and missions.

        Like the last year, we are having an international conference and inviting students from all over the world to join us this year. We believe that with reaching more people we understand the neutral idea of the United Nations more clearly. As you may know we have been believing in the theme ´One world, one race`, since the very beginning. We are hoping to gather our peers from many countries and create such an atmosphere where there will be no insignificant labels like race, we believe that only unity and opinions can make a difference in our world.

        As HaydarpaşaMUN family, once again we are promising to be worthy of your time and efforts by participating in our conference. In the name of the Secretariat and our team, I can rest-assure you that we will do everything in our power to serve you in the best way.

        To conclude my words, first I would like to congratulate and thank all the members of our organization and academics team for their hard work. We believe that our great passion to give the participants an unforgettable MUN experience is what gathers us under the same roof and makes us a real family. Secondly, I would like to thank you, the participants, for applying every year, becoming a very special part of the family and making this dream come true.

        We could not be more pleased to organize this conference, and more excited to see you all there with us in January. Until the time comes, I’ll make sure that we are ready for you.

With my best wishes and kindest regards,

Elif Süeda Ekinci

Haydarpaşa High School

Don't miss the chance to participate in our conference which will be held in the new building of the historical school!


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