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Welcome Letters

Most esteemed participants and distinguished guests;

        It is our utmost pleasure to welcome you to the fifth edition of HaydarpaşaMUN as the Secretary General and President of the General Assembly.

        Due to the pandemic, we’ve had to spend the past two years separated. During this long break, we’ve missed Model UN terribly and are overjoyed to be hosting this year’s edition of HaydarpaşaMUN on June 9-12. Along with our amazing organization and academic team members, we’ve been working tirelessly to ensure that our conference will be one of great quality.

        During the past two years, the pandemic has made humanity have to adapt to radical changes– ones that had rather harsh consequences. Issues regarding healthcare and humanitarian aid, ones that had been debated upon for years, suddenly became a relevant topic as hospitals worldwide were overwhelmed by the outbreak. Areas of conflict and communities with no access to healthcare suffered greatly as coronavirus caused humanity devastation.

        But throughout all that the world has faced, one thing has remained: the urge to make things right, learning from our past and to find ways to prevent a similar catastrophe from taking place again. That is precisely why we are nothing but proud to announce that our theme this year is set to be “Immunity comes from community” to both commemorate the ones we’ve lost to COVID-19 and reiterate the importance of cooperation and discussion in regards to solving such matters.

        Within the twelve committees our academic team has prepared, we are hopeful that the bright minds of our participants will participate in fruitful debates and find solutions to the pressing issues at hand, and therefore prove that immunity really does come from community.
        In the course of our preparation process we came to realize that MUN wasn’t just the fun we had during the journey or the academic satisfaction that came with it. It was also the things, places and people it brought into our lives. The best among them was Ayça Bağdaş. We hope that during HaydarpaşaMUN 2022 you get to collect them as well and build up the friendships that will last much longer than 4 days.

Yours truly,

Yağmur Zühal TOKUR and Ceren ALTUNTAŞ
Secretary General & President of General Assembly

Most esteemed participants;

        After two unfortunate years of separation, it is the most solemn pleasure of mine to welcome you all to the fifth edition of HaydarpaşaMUN.

         Ever since the first conference our former administration hosted, as an extended Haydarpaşa MUN family, we put our best efforts into correcting our mistakes and also outperforming our establishment. Along with this never-ending wait, which we processed by promising to make strides and do better each and every day, our wondrous academic and organization teams hope to give you one of the most significant experiences that you will ever have. Along the lines of our last conference, we will do our best to honor the name of HaydarpaşaMUN.

        Our vision is completely dominated by our goals to provide you with the best conference by both academic and organizational means while addressing the issues occupying the agenda of the whole world. Hence in the name of the Secretariat and our team, I am ecstatic about the experience that we’ll have together.

        To conclude my words, first, I would like to thank all of the members of our organization and academic teams for always giving me their optimum efforts. As the students of our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, we are vigorous to have the opportunity to enhance the school he founded.

        We could not be more excited to welcome you back in June. Until then, stay safe. I am looking forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely,

Azra Nisa Gürdal

Haydarpaşa High School

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